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  • Reverse osmosis is operated as a continuous process.
  • With a high pressure pump, pressurised saline feed water is continuously pumped to the module system.
  • Within the module, consisting of a pressure vessel (housing) and a membrane element,
  • the feed water will be split in a low-saline product, called permeate and a high-saline brine, called concentrate or reject.
  • A flow regulating valve, called concentrate valve, controls the percentage of feed water that is going to the concentrate flow and the permeate which will be obtained from the feed.


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Product Description

Veolia Water Technologies (VWT) is the leading specialist in water treatment. Our teams design and deliver drinking water or wastewater treatment plants as well as smaller standardized water treatment equipment for industrial or municipal customers. VWT also offers a range of services (audit, maintenance, digital) to cover all water treatment plant management needs.

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