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Pressure Reducing Valves

(PRV) are designed for regulating the downstream pressure and maintaining it within certain acceptable limits. Ideally, a PRV should provide constant downstream pressure while delivering the required flow, i.e. the PRV automatically adjusts the steam flow to meet the downstream system demand. Depending on the model, MIYAWAKI’s pressure reducing valves are designed for steam, air, gases and liquids. MIYAWAKI is manufacturing three types of PRV:

  • Direct acting pressure reducing valves
  • Pilot operated pressure reducing valves
  • Pressure reducing valves with a downstream pressure  sensing line (pulse line)



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Product Description


The company has a 85 years history as one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of equipment for steam and condensate lines.

MIYAWAKI has a long experience as the leading supplier of steam traps for oil refineries and chemical plants in Japan. Besides of steam traps the company offers a wide range of pressure reducing valves for steam and other media, steam-water-mixing valves, separators, strainer, sight glasses and other ancillary equipment.


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