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PowerStudio SCADA

For monitoring and analysis, the CIRCUTOR solution is based on the use of energy software by PowerStudio SCADA, which makes it possible to obtain the basic points the standard requires:

  • Logs of energy consumption and variables
  • Determination of the base line
  • Measurement of significant energy uses
  • Measurement and calculation of EnPis
  • Effectiveness of the plan of action
  • Assessment of total consumption with respect to what’s expected.


Informasi Lebih Lanjut:

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Product Description

CIRCUTOR has over 40 years experience and 6 production centres in Spain and the Czech Republic, working on the design and manufacture of units for improving energy efficiency: electrical energy and power quality measurement and control units, industrial electrical protection, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering, smart electric vehicle charging and, during the past few years: Renewable Energies.

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