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Halliburton PHL Hydraulic-Set Packer

The Halliburton PHL Hydraulic-Set PERMA-LACH Packer is a retrievable production packer, which provides operators with a multi-use high performance packer. The Halliburton PHL Packer is run on tubing and is easily released and retrieved by straight pull on the tubing.

⇒ Single or multi-packer production completions
⇒ Can be used as the lower packer in dual completions
⇒ Can be set at predetermined pressures or selectively set in multi-zone
⇒ completions
⇒ Up to 7,500 psi (51.7 MPa) differential pressure typical


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Product Description

Halliburton is the world’s leading provider of intelligent completion technology to the upstream oil industry. SmartWell system technology, introduced in 1997, was the industry’s first intelligent well completion system

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