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As a supplier to the oil and gas companies as well as to the general industries, we are the sole agents/authorized distributors of:

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TIW Corporation manufactures and markets worldwide downhole tools for the oil and gas industries. TIW has manufacturing in Houston, Texas, Lafayette, Louisiana, and Nisku, Alberta, Canada. Its major products are completion tools such as Liner Hangers, Liner Packers, Setting Collars and Ball-type, Kelly Valves and Safety Valves.

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Wefic Of Kerui

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Our range of products, WEFIC® (We Enhance Flow In Control), will offer customers quality as well as cost efficiency. Compact Wellhead, Conventional Wellhead, Christmas Tree, Gate Valve, Subsea and Others.

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Shallow Water Mudline/Subsea and Christmas Tree system

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WEFIC® Shallow Water Mudline/Subsea and Christmas Tree system has gained increasing interest by oil & gas operator in recent years due to the significant time savings compare to conventional surface platforms and cost savings compare to deep water subsea systems. And with Kerui's advanced technology, professional quality control and service support, WEFIC® Shallow-water Mudline / Subsea and Christmas Tree Systems aims to provide the most comprehensive product and service package to customers worldwide.

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Gate Valve

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WEFIC® offers a family of gate valves to meet the various needs of our customers. Designed to API 6A specifications, our gate valves are slab gate, full conduit typed has undergone an extensive testing program, including API 6A Appendix F qualification testing and API 6FA fire testing.

Both standard and customised configurations of stacked and solid block valves are available for use in Christmas Tree applications.

Solid block valves design provides a compact design and improved fire-resistant and enhanced safety with reduced potential leak paths. Whereas, the composite stacked tree design provides more flexibility in configuration and easy replacement.

All WEFIC® gate valves are available with a full range of actuators, chokes and controls providing a one stop source of supply.

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Christmas Tree

Christmas tree blocks

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The Christmas tree manufactured by our company is used for controlling the wellhead pressure and adjusting the output of the oil & gas well, and also can be used for special operations such as acidifi cation, fracturing, water injection, and high temperature steam injection and testing, etc. The Christmas tree can meet different working conditions. It has reliable sealing and safety operation. The design, manufacture, experiment and quality control are all in accordance with the requirement of API 6A 20.

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