Equalizer International (initially known as Future Alignments) was established by brothers Bob and Graham Stephen in 1994, based on little more than a single idea developed in a garden shed in North-east Scotland. Since then we have grown to become the world’s leading designer and developer of flange maintenance tools.

Flange spreader

hydraulic flange spreader


The Equalizer™ range of patented flange spreading tools has been developed to assist in the spreading of all flange joint types including those with no access gaps between them.


flange alignment

Mechanical flange alignment tools

The Equalizer™ patented range of alignment tools addresses the rotational or lateral misalignment that can occur within flange joints.




flange pulling

hydraulic flange pulling tools

The Equalizer™ Flange Closing Tool has been developed to pull flanges together during installation or maintenance. The FC10TE can be used on any flange with a bolt hole diameter of 22mm (7/8”) or greater.


Nut Splitting

External hydraulic nut splitter

The Equalizer™ Nut Splitter makes fast and safe work of removing stripped nuts or corroded nuts that won’t remove with normally.



Internal hydraulic vertical lifting wedge

 The Equalizer™ range of patented VLW18TE hydraulic & VLW18TI Integral Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedges has been developed to assist in the lifting of heavy equipment when access is restricted.



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