From the day Gustaf de Laval invented the first continous milk separator in 1878. Alfa Laval continues to expand the market with additional and more sophisticated products, and maintains its position as market leaders in the areas of separation, thermal and flow technology.


Heat Exchanger

1 Heat ExchangerGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger
Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
Liquid Cooler
Titanium-Paladium Heat Exchanger
Heating and Cooling Food Processing
Heat Transfer for HVAC System
Heat Recovery Process
Diabond or Graphite Plate Heat Exchanger
Wide Gape Plate Heat Exchanger
Spiral Heat Exchanger
Cleaning in Place System
Evaporation and Condensation Heat-Exchanger
Heat Transfer for Utility Application
Contherm Scrab Heat Exchanger


2 SeparatorCentrifugal Separator
Solid from liquid Centrifugal Separation
Water from Oil Centrifugal Separation
Lubrication Oil Purification or Clarification
Hidrolic Oil Purification or Clarification
Coolant Purification or Clarification
Fuel Oil Clarification or Purification
Alfie Separator
Emmie Separator
Basket Centrifugal Separator


Sanitary Pump and Fitting

3 Sanitary Pump and Fitting

  • Sanitary Tube and Fitting
    Aseptic Tube and Fitting
    Sanitary and Ultra Pure Centrifugal Pump
    Sanitary and Ultra Pure Rotary Lobe Pump
    Manual or Automatic Sanitary Valve
    Sanitary Tank Equipment
    Sanitary Liquid Ring Pump
    LKH Pump
    SRU Pump
    Electropolish Tube and Fitting
    Sanitary Installation Materials

Agitators & Mixers 

agitatorOur agitators have a flexible, modular design and enable you to tailor a mixing solution to your exact requirements. The agitator range includes top-mounted units, with or without bottom support, as well as bottom or side-mounted units.







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